Tiziana D’Ambrosio was born in Apulia, Italy. She has been a researcher in Food Science and Technology for many years working at University and several research centers.

But, the true love for Tiziana is ART.
She started drawing at the age of 3, playing with her father’s colors and brushes. When Tiziana was a child, dad Raffaele, an established painter, took her with him around the world to see Art exhibitions and museums.
Initially, despite the great passion Tiziana has never fully dedicated herself.

Just in 2014 Tiziana debut at Biennale of Creativity in Verona, by Prof. Paolo Levi and Prof. Vittorio Sgarbi, winning the First Prize for their painting. This award took Tiziana for their first exhibition at New York in the same year. So, finally Tiziana figure out that art is her way.
Self-taught artist.
Black and ivory are the two colors that she used to emphasize an intentional ’be in contrast‘ː softness and hardness, sensuality and rigor giving a hyper realistic result to her figures.
Her women in her artworks are herself taken in self-portraits through her camera.
Her paintings are journeys depicting the human body, intended as a symbolic transposition of journeys made within the psyche.
Tiziana won many prizes and selections by national and international art galleries.
Her artworks have been in Rome, Venice, Verona, New York and Los Angeles.